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Part 3: Real estate and social media spark bright future

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Editor's note: This article is Part 3 of a four-part perspective series looking at the impact of new online social media on real estate. See Part 1, "Real estate's Adult Friend Finder"; Part 2, "Out of the box and into the ditch"; and Part 4, "Blinded by the light."Real estate's future is indeed bright. It glistens. Why are so many so blind to this? Most real estate people subscribe to the power of face-to-face connection. The ability to touch, stand alongside and feel with the consumer. Traditionalists want to do this in person. "Tech-savvy" folks are comfortable doing this via cell phone and e-mail. And the truly progressive are jumping on new online social networking platforms. Things are going great and getting better Online social networks are thriving. They are replacing our parks, malls, dance halls and social clubs as places where people congregate, interact, bond and transact with each other. Real estate folks have always thrived in these traditional social organizations...