Selling home is all about ‘curb appeal’

Book reveals how to make best first impression

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Editor's note: Robert Bruss is temporarily away. The following column from Bruss' "Best of" collection first appeared Sunday, June 18, 2006. If you are a home seller, real estate agent or a homeowner who cares about how a home looks from the street, "Curb Appeal Idea Book" by Mary Ellen Polson will anticipate your questions and help you show a home at its best.  "You only have one chance to make a first impression" is an overused but extremely true phrase when it comes to home sales, as the author thoroughly understands. However, while studying this unusual book, I couldn't help notice Polson presents hundreds of beautiful color photos of houses but she fails to cast even one critical word. Purchase Bob Bruss reports online. As I read this one-of-a-kind book, I was very impressed by the wide variety of the hundreds of color photos of many different types of homes. Where the author located all these unique houses to illustrate her topics is hard to understand...