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Stress reduction for real estate agents

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If you're feeling stressed out by the market and by the constant time crunch we all face, it's time to shift gears and dump the stress that you are experiencing. 1. Eliminate "Time" Several weeks ago, I noticed how often I was saying, "I don't have enough time to …" It appeared everywhere in my e-mails; it turned up constantly in my conversations; and I felt completely stressed out. When I noticed how often I was commenting about how busy I was and how little time I had, I decided to do an experiment. For two weeks, I did my best to totally eliminate the word "time" from my vocabulary. The results have been nothing less than remarkable. When I kept affirming how little time I had, I was creating a great deal of stress for myself. By eliminating the word "time" and by stopping the references to how much I have to do, my stress level has dropped by almost 90 percent. Even more surprising, I was accomplishing more due to the reduction in the stress that I was experie...