Landing the perfect apartment

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Q: What questions should I ask when calling about an apartment? A: With skyrocketing competition, a lot of prospective tenants are nervous and don't know what to say when calling about a place. Before you dial the number, be sure to read the advertisement carefully and have it in front of you for reference. Pick a time to call when it's quiet and you can concentrate without interruption. Turn off the radio and be prepared to ignore the call waiting or other phone lines chirping in the background. Of course, call at an appropriate time -- between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. on business days -- unless specified in the advertisement. With pen and paper at your side, call the advertised phone number. No answer? Should you leave a message? It depends on the situation. If the phone number is clearly a manager or landlord's contact, leaving a message may be convenient. In an effort to avoid phone tag, be sure to slowly and clearly leave your name, address you are calling about, your area ...