Condo residents protest fountain’s demise

Can HOA legally shut off water to property-value-enhancing waterfall?

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Question: We have owned a condo on a local golf course for seven years. There is a beautiful waterfall fountain/pond on the property that has been there since the complex was built in the early 1970s. We, along with the owner before us, took good care of it and consider it to be an integral part of our living experience. We are not sure if it is in the association common area, but the association has never taken any steps whatsoever to care for the fountain. We recently received a letter from the association board of directors that they are turning off the water to the fountain because the cost of the water is being borne by the association. They also claim that they need to clean out the water to prevent a problem with standing water and West Nile Virus?! Our concern is their actions will de-value our property, as the fountain/waterfall/pond is a very attractive asset to the property. Do we have any recourse on this issue? Property manager Griswold replies: You may not h...