Get your fence off my land before I explode

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Dear Barry, Shortly after buying my home, a problem developed with my neighbor. She built a fence about 3 feet on my side of the property line and now refuses to take it down. Is it legal for her to do this? I'm afraid that she may claim ownership of that part of my property if I do nothing. Am I allowed to take down her fence if it is on my property? --Robin Dear Robin, Your question is one for an attorney, not a home inspector, but here are a few observations and ideas that may be of help. When someone presumes to use another person's property for a number of years, they can eventually assume permanent legal use on the basis of what is called a "prescriptive easement." Therefore, you need to set this matter straight while the issue is still young. First on the agenda is to obtain legal advice so that you know your rights and options under law. Unfortunately, legal procedures often involve protracted litigation, and this can be so costly that you come out losing, even whe...