Pros and cons of owning rental houses

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What is the best investment you ever made? Common stocks? Bonds? A small business? Your house? Other real estate? Chances are your most profitable investment has been your personal residence. If you have yet to purchase your own home, today's "buyer's market" is an excellent time to do so. However, if you already own your house, why not take advantage of current market conditions to buy one or more houses as rental investments? Let your tenants buy those houses for you by using their rent payments to pay the mortgage and other expenses. Purchase Bob Bruss reports online. WHY BUY RENTAL HOUSES? Realizing that profitable rental houses (and most other real estate investments) are long-term investments for at least five years, consider the advantages of such investments. Your list of benefits will likely include probable appreciation in market value (although the home sale market is "flat" in many cities today), income tax shelter, maximum leverage to control the property with little cas...