My new kitchen’s a big disappointment

Why does builder refuse to fix water line?

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Dear Barry, I recently purchased a new home with an unconnected water line to the refrigerator. The line is not attached to the water supply beneath the kitchen sink, and the end that is near the refrigerator has been capped. I've asked the builder to complete the connection, but he thinks the line was capped due to leakage beneath the slab. He and the plumber both refuse to repair the line, and the bid from another plumber is $275. What do you suggest I do? --Yolanda Dear Yolanda, The faulty water line is a construction defect. Regardless of who made the error, the buck stops at the builder's tailgate. If he is unwilling to address the issue in a forthright manner, try the following: Send a certified letter informing the builder that he has 30 days to correct the problem, after which you will hire a licensed plumbing contractor to install a new line and will then hold the builder responsible for costs. If he calls your bluff, have the work repaired and take the matter to s...