Right way to do stucco repair

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Q: I have narrowed a leak in my stucco wall to the lower corners of a window. Below it, I had a small firewood pass-through door removed. I've watched various other stucco repairs on our house, and I'm pretty handy, so I have a pretty good idea of what I need to do, but I have a few questions: 1. Once I remove the stucco, what caulk, tar or sealer should I use to cover small holes or leaks? 2. Besides Stucco Patch, is there a bag mix of stucco cement with the right proportions of Portland Cement, sand and lime that I can simply purchase? 3. I know it's probably a good idea, but do I need to use cement adhesive on the prepared edge of the existing stucco for my scratch and brown coats? 4. Previous repairs were made up of three coats: scratch, brown and dashing. The brown coat contained the Mission-style trowel marks but otherwise had a relatively smooth finish. Once dried, the dashing was done with a hopper gun and contained the color. It left a rough, sort of large pimply ...