That dog’s barking drove me to sue

How to tell public disturbances from private

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A noisy factory; a junk-filled vacant lot; a constantly barking dog; noisy neighbors; a smelly sewerworks; a house where illegal drugs are sold; a house of prostitution; a noisy night club. What do all these situations have in common? If you said they are all nuisances, you earn an "A." Purchase Bob Bruss reports online. Now for a tougher question: Which of the above nuisances are public nuisances, which are private nuisances, and what is the difference? The answer: "It depends on the facts." PRIVATE NUISANCES AFFECT JUST A FEW PEOPLE. When an offensive action or inaction adversely affects just one or a few nearby property users, that is considered to be a private nuisance. From the list above, the junk-filled vacant lot, constantly barking dog, noisy neighbors, and a house where illegal drugs are sold, depending on the exact facts, are considered private nuisances. If a friendly conversation with the offending person does not resolve the private nuisance, the legal ...