Pro’s guide to painting houses

Great exterior paint job's all in the prep work

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So you've finally decided that it's time to spruce up the outside of the house with a fresh coat of paint. Well before you have the paint mixed and start dragging out the ladders and brushes, you need to take some time getting the house ready. The more time and effort you put into proper preparation, the easier your painting tasks will be and, even more importantly, the longer the paint job will last. INITIAL PRECAUTIONS All of the steps involved in preparing a house for painting also require some precautions that are serious enough that they can't be ignored. Eye protection is essential to guard against dust and flying paint chips, and you need to wear a dust mask or respirator for protection against dust inhalation while sanding. If you own an older house, you need to very aware of the potential dangers posed by lead paint. Prior to the government's ban on lead paint in 1978, many homes were painted with materials containing lead, and sanding or scraping lead paint can po...