TV star reveals home-flipping secrets

New book covers cosmetic improvements, buyer's market

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If you have been fascinated by reports about how to earn profits fixing up and quickly selling houses for large profits "Flipping Confidential" by Kirsten Kemp reveals how she profitably flips houses. As TV host of The Learning Channel's "Property Ladder," Kemp has become an expert at how to recognize houses with profit potential and those to avoid. She explains how to earn the first profit at the "buy," meaning when the house is purchased. Then she emphasizes techniques for upgrading houses with cosmetic improvements that add more market value than they cost. Lastly, Kemp shows how to quickly resell the house, even in a slow buyer's market, by "staging" the home so buyers won't have to use their imaginations to see how attractive the home can be. Purchase Bob Bruss reports online. Dozens of before-and-after photos add to the easy understandability of this book. Written in a practical manner, with lots of good and bad examples from the author's personal experiences ren...