Get squeak out of hardwood floors

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Q: My home is 45 years old. Recently I removed the carpeting to have the floors refinished and now am hearing squeaks that were unnoticed with the carpets. It is the original flooring that is squeaking. It has nails sunk and filled into the subfloor, which is not plywood. Would screws from underneath into the hardwood floor do the trick? A: We bet your "new" floors look fabulous. And we're happy to tell you that those squeaks can be fixed quickly and inexpensively. But screws from underneath is not the way to go about it. Judging by the age of your home and the description of the floor -- "nails sunk and filled" -- we'll bet you have a stick-oak floor. These are usually made of 2-inch strips of 5/16-inch oak. This type of floor is top nailed with four-penny finish nails, set and filled. Because the boards are thin they will not easily take a screw. This type of flooring used to be common in the San Francisco Bay Area and spanned a number of architectural styles from the Craftsman cotta...