Keep that crummy desk, it could be worth thousands

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How often have you told someone, "I wish I hadn't thrown out that old such and such, because now it's a collector's item. I could probably get big bucks for it." True, if you could put every trendy thing you've ever bought into a time capsule for 50 years, you'd have a pretty handsome retirement fund. No matter how cheesy a thing seems in retrospect, it eventually rises again -- just look at the current renaissance of pink plastic flamingos and Plymouth Valiants. One of the interesting things about fashion trends is that the bigger they are, the harder they fall, and the bigger they are when they come back. In the mid-1950s, for example, cars with tail fins were the absolute pinnacle of style. Within a few years, finned cars were so ubiquitous that people got sick and tired of them, and they became an embarrassment instead of a fashion statement. Today, of course, these same cars are valuable collector's items, and the more outlandish, the better. The same applies to archit...