Painting kitchen cabinets a wise alternative to replacement

Tips for a successful renovation

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If you're getting tired of looking at your old kitchen cabinets but don't have the inclination or the budget to undertake replacing them, painting can offer an attractive alternative. Whether the existing cabinets are a dark stain from yesteryear or are already painted and in need of some refreshing, with the proper materials, some time and some patience, you can make quite a difference in a fairly short time. GETTING READY Any successful paint job begins with proper preparation, and nowhere is this more true than when painting kitchen cabinets. Take your time here, and the rest of the job will go much smoother. First, you need to decide exactly what you want to paint. Some older kitchens have cabinets that are painted both inside and out, and that may be what you want to do again. You may wish to paint only the outside of the cabinets and leave the insides alone, or you may be planning on replacing the doors and drawer fronts, and only need to paint the cabinet-face frames ...