Newbie home inspector, don’t blow it!

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Dear Barry, I'm a newly certified home inspector. I am very detail-oriented and am striving to learn as much as possible about my new profession. But I'm concerned as I begin this new career that many real estate agents will be reluctant to refer my services because I'm so new in the industry and have no official inspections under my belt. How should I approach the topic of "field experience" when I network with real estate agents? I want them to know that I am a continual learner, an overachiever, and someone whom they can count on for their clients. --Keith Dear Keith, Getting started in the home inspection business is always slow and gradual. Many newcomers to the profession get frustrated during that first year and some finally throw in the towel and return to construction work. Selling your services to agents before you have actual field experience is not easy, but it has been done by nearly everyone who is today an experienced home inspector. Instead of worrying abou...