Security deposit raided for bad behavior

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Question: I am a landlord and have a situation regarding the return of our tenants' security deposit. We have had the same tenants for more than six years and they recently renewed a two-year lease. However, six months into the lease they purchased a home. They notified us of their intent to vacate the middle of last month. We found a tenant to take possession within 30 days, and between the time our old tenants moved and our new tenants moved in we repainted the home and installed new carpets. Over the years the old tenants had three children and acquired five dogs. The house was very dirty and the dogs urinated all over the original carpets. I returned their security deposit minus the half month's rent for the 15 days of their last month that they didn't pay. We did not deduct any damage or cleaning fees, which we could have. Now these tenants are insisting we return the entire security deposit because it's not their fault we had to paint and put new rugs down -- that's "average wea...