My living trust became nearly worthless

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Nobody, including me, likes to think about death. But it is inevitable, as I was reminded during a recent hospitalization for major surgery. Thankfully, because of the excellent surgeons, nurses and my friends, I came through the experience successfully. After I recovered, I learned from the doctors I had been very close to death. When I got home and was feeling better, one of the first things I did was review my estate plan. Purchase Bob Bruss reports online. In the process, I discovered my old living trust had become nearly worthless. The primary reason was, like most real estate owners, in the last few years I refinanced my properties to take advantage of lower mortgage interest rates. As part of the process, the lenders required me to take my property titles out of my living trust, record the new mortgages, and then put the titles back into my living trust. But I carelessly didn't follow up and the title companies failed to re-deed my properties back into my living trust. The resul...