When wildfires strike will your home be ready?

Tips for keeping trees, roof, combustibles safe

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It seems that hardly a day goes by without reports of a devastating wildfire burning somewhere around us. From rural acreage to crowded suburbs, living anywhere on the edge of a potential wildfire zone can put you, your home and your family at risk. To minimize the dangers from a hot, fast-moving wildfire, there are several practical, straightforward things you can do to protect your home. ESTABLISH A DEFENSIBLE SPACE To improve the odds of your home making it through a wildfire, you need to establish a defensible space around your house that makes it harder for a fire to start or become established. That space should extend out a minimum of 30 feet from your house in every direction, and it should be well planned and continually maintained. Use fire-resistant landscaping: Within the 30-foot zone, use fire-resistant landscaping such as lawns, moist ground-cover plantings and low shrubbery. Avoid plants that are naturally dry and highly flammable. Trim trees: First, remov...