Don’t be a victim of faulty roof installation

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Q: We had a new roof installed on our house in the Sierras. The roof is a 12-in-12 pitch (45 degree) and is approximately 17 squares (1,700 square feet). We contracted for a 30-year Elk brand composition roof with 30-pound felt underlayment. The instructions require a ridge vent system, without which the manufacturer's warranty would be void. We told the roofer this. There is full wood sheeting on the roof. The instructions require a 3/4-inch opening on either side of the ridge beam to allow air flow. My biggest concern, though, is that the roofer applied 15-pound felt -- not 30-pound -- in a vertical direction as opposed to the horizontal overlap. The contractor maintained that the felt is frequently installed this way. But code and the manufacturer's instructions say that felt must be applied horizontally across the roof. The second installation issue we have concerns the ridge vent system. The roofers did not cut the opening. When we discussed this with them, they told...