Best attic ventilation for single-family home

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Dear Barry, We are about to have a new roof installed and have a question about venting our attic. We currently have a ridge vent and a power exhaust fan on the roof. Our roofing contractor says it is not good to have both and recommends eliminating the ridge vent. Do you agree with this advice, and if not, what do you recommend for attic ventilation? --Jerry Dear Jerry, Attic ventilation for the majority of homes is marginally adequate, a fact that can be verified by entering most attics on a hot summer day. Lack of sufficient attic vents can increase heat gain in a home, driving up the cost of operating an air conditioner and shortening the useful life of composition roofing materials. Industry studies of attic ventilation, published in the Journal of Light Construction, have shown that the best type of ventilation is soffit and ridge venting. This involves the natural process of convection, the tendency for heated air to rise. In this case, hot air in the attic rises thr...