Clear title promptly of deceased owner’s name

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DEAR BOB: My husband died over a year ago, but his name remains with mine on the deed to my house and a few rental properties. Is there any advantage or disadvantage of leaving his name on these deeds? --Dorothy R. DEAR DOROTHY: If title to your home was held with your late husband in joint tenancy with right of survivorship (or tenancy by the entireties in states where allowed) or in a revocable living trust, it is a very simple matter to clear the titles of his name. Probate court interference is not required. Purchase Bob Bruss reports online. However, if title was held by some other method, such as tenancy in common, then probate court transfer of the titles may be required. It is best to take care of clearing the titles promptly in case you decide to sell or refinance the properties. If you don't already hold the titles in a revocable living trust, this would be a good time to also take care of that so your heirs won't have any problems when you pass on. For full de...