Safety first when it comes to I-joists

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I-joists, an engineered lumber product for use as floor joists, ceiling joists, rafters and in other applications, have proven to be one of the most significant developments in the construction field in the last several decades. Strong, light, consistent and reasonably priced, I-joists have all but replaced solid-sawn lumber in most joist applications in today's homes. I-joists, however, have some different characteristics from solid lumber, and as such they need to be handled carefully during construction. Failure to properly install and brace the joists as they are being installed can result in serious injury, as well as damage to the joists and other structural members. So whether you've been framing with them for years or are just getting ready for your first installation, it's important that you understand proper handling procedures. An I-joist, like a steel I-beam, gets its strength from the combination of the vertical center section, called the web, and its connection...