Should I postpone selling my home?

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According to the media, now is one of the worst times to consider selling a home. However, although the national statistics don't paint a rosy picture, some sellers are finding success in this market. It all depends on what you have to sell -- house or condo, where it's located, what kind of condition it's in, and how well it's priced for the market. Some sellers wonder if one time of year is better for selling than another. Usually, spring is the season when the highest volume of home sales takes place. The end of summer tends to be slower, while there is often a spurt in the fall after prospective home buyers return from vacation. However, although there is generally a seasonal pattern to the real estate market, every year is somewhat unique. For instance, last year, the housing market didn't have a noticeable fall pickup in home-sale activity. Whether or not we experience an uptick in activity this fall will depend on interest rates and on the supply/demand balance in ...