Reuse brick for a variety of projects

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Q: We're doing a master-bedroom addition. To get the space for the bedroom, we need to remove a 30-foot brick wall. Is it feasible to save the brick? How labor intensive is removing the mortar (the house was built in 1953) to be able to reuse the brick? If you think it's feasible to recycle the brick, could you weigh in on the best technique and tools? My teenage sons are eager to begin. A: Be still our hearts. Did we hear right? Teenagers who want to work! And manual labor at that. Your boys are to be congratulated. Kevin learned something of bricks from his father-in-law, Ed, who was a master brick mason and practiced his trade almost to the day he died. For Ed, a house wasn't worth a plugged nickel unless it had some brick. For Ed, the more the better. "Brick is strong, brick is classy," he'd say. Ed insisted on putting his mark on Kevin's Idaho home. To this day, the elliptical red brick front porch evokes memories of a master craftsman who truly enjoyed his work. You ...