Automated exterior lights boost curb appeal

Use timers, photocells to create safe, inviting home

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Whether it's a softly lit path on a summer evening or the safety and welcoming glow of the front porch light when you come home from work on a dark winter night, exterior lighting adds both safety and curb appeal to any home. To help make the lighting more convenient as well, there are a number of exterior timers and other light activation devices available that will work for just about any situation. 120-Volt Timers: You can easily automate virtually any 120-volt exterior light fixture by simply replacing your existing light switch with a timer. After shutting off the electricity, remove the cover plate and the old switch. Connect the new timer to the existing switch wires, replace the cover plate, and then install the timer cover and knob. The timer has an easy to set dial that turns the fixture on and off at the desired times, as well as an override switch to let you manually turn the fixture on or off as desired. Low-Voltage Timers: If you have exterior low-voltage lig...