Plumber not an expert on crawlspace mold

Attention should be paid to foundation vents to reduce moisture

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Dear Barry, A plumber has confirmed that we have mold in the crawlspace beneath our home. This is surprising because the house is only two years old. According to the plumber, the mold is caused by the heavy black plastic that has been placed on the wet soil beneath the building. He suggested removing the plastic, drying out the dirt, and running a fan to circulate the air. There are six vents in the foundation and all of them are open. There is also a sump pump to remove excess ground water. Do you agree with the plumber's evaluation? If not, what do you recommend? --Delpha Dear Delpha, Plumbers are experts in water supply, gas supply and wastewater systems, not issues that involve mold or groundwater drainage. Covering wet soil beneath a building is an accepted method for reducing air moisture and condensation that could lead to mold or fungus infection. If moisture is causing mold, removing the plastic could make the condition worse by increasing the humidity beneath th...