Can landlord say no to outdoor satellite dish?

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Q: I recently bought a satellite dish so I can watch lots of different TV channels. The instructions say to mount it on a south-facing wall, to establish a line of sight with satellites in the southern hemisphere. I want to put it on an outside wall, but my landlord says no. The salesman said that landlords have to allow these dishes -- was I mislead? --Peter T. A: They're both right. Under the federal Telecommunications Act of 1996 and subsequent FCC interpretations, landlords can't unreasonably interfere with your ability to install, maintain, or use an antenna or dish that receives programming from direct broadcast satellites, wireless cable providers and television broadcast stations. A lot has been written about that little word, "unreasonably," but here are the basics. You can place your satellite only within your exclusive rented space, and you cannot place one on an exterior wall or in common areas, such as hallways. So try mounting the dish on a south-facing interi...