Portable GFCI cords increase job-site safety

Protect up to 3 tools at the same time

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For many years now, ground-fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) outlets have been a common site in bathrooms, kitchens, exterior receptacles and other areas where electricity might mix with water or other hazards to create potentially dangerous conditions. Now, you can take that protection with you while you work, in the form of portable GFCI cords and outlets. In fact, if you are a contractor, GFCI protection is an OSHA-required safety feature on every size and type of job site. All of today's electrical systems have a grounding system, designed to carry excess electricity safely to the ground to protect the people using the system. Should that ground system somehow fail, however, ground-fault circuit interrupters are the backup system. GFCIs continually measure and compare the amount of electrical current going to and returning from a piece of electrical equipment. Should the GFCI sense a difference between those two currents of anything in excess of approximately 5 milliampe...