Don’t buy home without checking title report

Liens and easements could make purchase a bad move

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How would you feel if you bought a home that seemed perfect, only to find out you couldn't use the property like you thought you could? One buyer bought a home with a good-sized yard that he thought would be perfect for his large dogs to roam free. Soon after the sale closed, he hired a contractor to construct a fence around the property. The day the work started, a neighbor showed up to inform the new homeowner that he couldn't completely fence the property because of an easement that ran across his property. An easement grants property rights to someone other than the property owner. Common easements are for ingress and egress, utilities and sewers. Easements must be kept unencumbered. In the case above, the easement provided the neighbors access to their property. A fence could not be built over the easement because it would deny the neighbor their rights to access. The property owner had to revise his fence design, which was disappointing. But, easements can be ev...