Damaged gutters: replace or remove?

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Q: Are gutters on homes necessary? Our last home, built in the 1950s, didn't have gutters and seemed to be fine during the 10-plus years we lived in it. Now we live in a tract home, built in the '70s, and the gutters are in very bad shape. We're tempted to remove them rather than replace them but don't know if the need for gutters depends upon the style of the home. Both homes are boxes, essentially. We certainly don't want to do anything that would damage the house. What do you think? A: Why have gutters at all? The answer depends less on the style of the house and more on the grounds surrounding it. Virtually all houses are boxes, if you think about it. The purpose of a gutter and downspout system is to channel rainwater landing on the roof away from the foundation. If a house is surrounded by concrete patios, sidewalks or driveways sloping away from the foundation, a gutter system really isn't necessary. Kevin's home in Eagle, Idaho, has no gutters and he doesn't miss...