Tenant loses right to fly foreign flag

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Q: I'm a renter in a condo complex. My neighbor, who is also a renter, has two large American flags flying from his balcony and front entrance area. I'd like to show my support of my native country by flying its flags, but when I put them up, the homeowners association told me to take them down. Why the double standard -- isn't this a violation of my freedom of speech? --Miriam W. A: Yes, it's a double standard, but in your situation, it's probably legal. Under federal law, condominium associations, homeowners associations and residential real estate management associations may not forbid the display of the American flag (Freedom to Display the American Flag Act of 2005, 4 United States Code Annotated, Section 3). These associations may, however, enact other rules concerning outdoor displays, and regularly do. A prohibition against the display of foreign flags would probably not be thrown out by a judge. As for your First Amendment rights, remember that the Bill of Rights...