Keep concrete, asphalt safe from water intrusion

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It seems like something as tough as your concrete or asphalt driveway would be able to easily stand up to something as small as a drop of water. But the effects of rain and snow, especially if that moisture gets into cracks in the surface and then freezes, can do a surprising amount of damage to a driveway, walkway, wall, or other concrete, masonry or asphalt surface. So, before winter hits again this year, fight back by sealing those porous surfaces against water intrusion. There are a number of sealers that are formulated specifically for this purpose, and they are easy to apply without special equipment. CONCRETE AND MASONRY SEALERS For a tough finish on concrete, you'll want to use a specific concrete sealer. Not intended for brick, block, stone and other masonry, concrete waterproofing sealers penetrate deep into the surface of the concrete -- up to one inch of penetration on previously unsealed concrete -- and forms a very tough barrier against moisture. Some sealers ...