Water heater replacement runs into trouble

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Dear Barry, My gas water heater recently died. Fortunately, replacement was covered by my home warranty policy. The plumber who installed the new unit found code violations with the gas and water lines and said that these should have been reported by my home inspector when I bought the property. These repairs are not covered under the home warranty and will have to be paid by me. The plumber said these defects could prevent the city inspector from approving the water heater replacement. If I have to pay for defects that were missed by my home inspector, do I have recourse? --Jennifer Dear Jennifer, One of two possibilities is at work: Either your home inspector missed some apparent plumbing defects, or your plumber is promoting work where none may be needed. Fortunately, you will be able to get the municipal inspector's opinion on this when the water heater installation is inspected. Then you can verify what is acceptable, according to the code enforcement officer, and wha...