Do you know where your property lines are?

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Do you know -- really know -- where the boundaries of your property are? Most people don't, at least not with certainty, but there are instances where not knowing could put you at legal risk. When you purchased your home, you should have been given a small map, typically just a photocopy of one portion of a larger map, that showed the size of your lot. Known as a plat map, it typically shows the length of each side of your lot, the name of the streets that border it, the tax lot number, and perhaps the legal description. If you were not given a map, or if you no longer know what became of it, you'll want to obtain a new one. Most title companies can provide you with one, or you can get one through your city or county assessor's or surveyor's office -- it's something you really should have a copy of for your records. FINDING PROPERTY LINES If you want to know where the property lines are, you have two options. You can attempt to locate them yourself, using the plat map and ...