Landlord may face steep fines for sexual harassment

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Q: My landlord has behaved dreadfully towards my teenage daughter, harassing her with suggestive remarks and questions about her appearance and social life. I've told him to stop, but he hasn't. He's threatened me, too, warning that if I sue him and lose, I'll have to pay for his attorney and court costs. It seems that I would, since my lease has an "attorney's fees" clause that says that the loser pays the winner's costs and fees. I know lawyers are expensive and lawsuits are not sure winners, and I don't know if I could pay. --Marcie E. A: The clause in your lease is common, but it applies only to lawsuits that concern the meaning and implementation of the lease. For example, if you fail to pay the rent and the landlord has to go to court to evict you, the clause means you'll pay the landlord's attorney's fees and court costs. Or, if the landlord fails to return your security deposit and you successfully sue to get it back, you'll be able to collect your fees and costs f...