Best fix for loose floor tiles

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Q: I live in a San Francisco Victorian that has had the rear porch enclosed and later turned into a room. The room is attached to the kitchen, and the floor is finished in terra cotta tiles. The supports holding the addition up have been settling over the years. We purchased the house six years ago with the intent of tearing down the porch and building an addition. We are in the planning stages, but construction won't start until some time in the summer. Because the pilings are settling, there is some warping in the floor, which has caused some tiles to come loose. Since they will eventually go, I don't want to take the time to do the appropriate repair. I just want the tiles to stop rocking. Is there a product you recommend that will be an adhesive and also a filler? Do you have any suggestions otherwise? A: Sometimes the best way to do a quick fix is to do it the right way. The temporary repair we recommend is no more work than trying to cobble something together. With luck, the subs...