What to expect at home inspection

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Dear Barry, We've never hired a home inspector and have questions about the protocol for an inspection. Some inspectors, we're told, prefer to work alone, and some agents, they say, discourage buyers from attending. Who typically attends a home inspection, and who decides who can attend? --Jill Dear Jill, The variables that affect home inspection attendance are numerous. The bottom line, however, is that buyers, in most cases, hire the inspector as their private consultant. In that light, the buyers should have the first and last word regarding their own attendance. But your questions address a broader range of attendance issues that also need answers. There are home inspectors who prefer to work alone, but their exclusion of clients is highly unprofessional and should be reconsidered. They should abandon this solitary practice or find another line of work. A consultant cannot consult when no one is there to listen. And mailing a report after the inspection does not provide adequate ex...