Pros, cons of buying home in today’s market

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When the housing market slows down, buyers often wait on the sidelines for a clear sign that the market has recovered. The only problem with this strategy is that you can only know for sure that a market has turned through hindsight. In other words, you can't time the market. A slow market is perceived as an opportunity by some buyers, as it takes longer for listings to sell. The inventory of unsold listings tends to grow, giving buyers more choice than is the case in a hot seller's market when listings sell quickly. In a high-inventory market, there are usually fewer multiple offers so buyers can cut a better deal with the seller. However, it pays to be careful about what you buy and how you finance the purchase. HOUSE HUNTING TIP: The least expensive home in an area may not be the best investment. Unless you are a contractor with years of experience fixing up properties, you should hire the best inspectors you can find to look carefully at the condition of a property befor...