Goodbye shingles, hello stucco

But are home buyers ready for the massive work, expense?

Q: We have cedar shingles on our home and love them. We had a difficult time finding someone to restore them until I mentioned it to a retired contractor. He had leftover oil preservative, which his son-in-law used to paint the shingles for $800. Now it's time to do it again. However, our daughter and son-in-law are buying our home, and their friends said the ugliest thing about this house is the wood shingles. They think they will take the shingles down and put up stucco. Is that possible? A: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and these friends seem to want to indulge their sense of beauty at significant expense to your daughter and son-in-law. Replacing cedar shingles with stucco is certainly possible, but be prepared to part with a large chunk of change for the gargantuan job it will be to make the switch. We're always amused to see "friends" try to spend someone else's money. Although we're sure the intentions are good, the money sunk into stuccoing the house could...