Buying cheaper fridge, floors makes financial sense

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(This is Part 2 of a two-part series. Read Part 1, "Windows, roofs are no place to skimp on quality.") Last time, we talked about the worst places to save money when you're remodeling. Windows, roofs and exterior finishes prevailed as lousy places to cut corners. Today we'll look at some ways you can save money without sabotaging your project for the long term. The strategy is simple: Economize on items that can be easily removed and upgraded later on, not on items that have to last the life of the house. This may mean putting off some things on your wish list until later -- but at least you'll have made sure it's still possible to get them. Here are some places to cut costs that will still allow for easy upgrades later: Built-in appliances. Buying less costly kitchen appliances is one of the simplest yet least exercised ways to save money -- probably because we've been conditioned to demand kitchens with huge built-in refrigerators, restaurant-style stoves, and all the othe...