How to keep water flowing during remodel

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The one consistent thing about remodeling your home is that it's disruptive. There's dust, disorganization and even periods without electricity. But perhaps the most disruptive element of all is being without water. Prior to the start of any remodeling project, especially a large one, you need to stop and consider what your plumbing needs will be during the course of the project, and then devise a plan on how to meet those needs. Three of the most common disruptions include: permanently or temporarily moving the water heater; disconnecting sinks; and disconnecting toilets. MOVING WATER HEATERS If your plans include moving the water heater to a completely new location, that work should be completed first. This would include relocation of the water lines, relocation of the electrical circuit, and, in the case of a gas water heater, installation of a new gas line and vent. If possible, complete all the required building inspections on the new lines, then immediately complete the drywall, ...