Tips for tiling bathroom wall

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Q: Can you give me some advice on tiling a bathroom wall -- well, half of the wall? The bathroom has an enclosed shower stall. All the remaining walls are painted drywall. I want to use 8-by-8-inch tumbled marble tile with beveled edges that's nearly a half-inch thick. I know this is not standard wall tile. I am hoping this is a do-it-yourself project. I would like to use premixed ceramic adhesive and grout from a company named Tile Perfect out of Aurora, Ill. I want the grout lines to be as unobtrusive as possible -- 1/16 inch or less. I will cap the tile with chair-rail molding that I'll paint with high-gloss enamel. If I start at the floor and the weight of each tile is held by the tile under it, would I need to prop a sheet of plywood or something like that over the completed wall to hold tiles to the wall until completely dry? Am I crazy? Will I have a big mess? I am handy at construction work, so I know I can do it -- if the tiles won't fall off the wall. A: It is c...