Three must-haves for a good paint job

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Paint preparation is one of the ugly sides of home-improvement projects. All that sanding and scraping and cleaning -- no one really likes to do it, but it's essential to a good paint job. So, like it or not, it's a step that you don't want to skip or do poorly, since the quality of your finished product pretty much depends on it. There are three basic things to remember for properly preparing any surface that you want to paint -- get it clean, smooth and dry. CLEAN IT UP Paint will stick to most of the things it comes in contact with, which is not necessarily a good thing. If the surface being painted is dusty, for example, the paint will stick to the dust. Since the dust is not well-adhered to the surface below, you have an obvious recipe for paint failure. It's important that the surface being painted has been cleaned to remove dust, dirt, grease and anything else that could get under the paint film and prevent it from forming a solid bond. For previously painted exterior...