Beware of kitchen-range fire hazard

Can fireproof material compensate for inadequate cabinet clearance?

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Q: I purchased a 27-inch, four-burner Wolf commercial range, with an oven, about 30 years ago. I was told when I purchased the range (commercial) that there should be at least six inches between the range and cabinets on both sides; the rear was tiled already. I had my kitchen remodeled in November 2006. Is there a way to protect my cabinets by installing any fireproofing products so that the range can set within the one or two inches against the cabinets, or should I tile the rear wall and the two sides next to the cabinets? --Fran K. A: The required clearances for ranges will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, and even between models, but any commercial gas range will generate quite a bit of heat, and the rear, top and side clearances are critical to its safe operation. Also, adding ceramic tile directly over wood is not in and of itself adequate to create a noncombustible surface, due to the amount of heat transfer that occurs through the tile itself. You will need to contact ...