Break lease before bed bugs bite

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Q: I'm considering breaking my lease because of bed bugs -- not in my unit, but next door. The building owner made the tenant leave, and called in exterminators, but didn't test any adjoining units, and the tenant is right back in there now, with all her original things. I've read that these pests are extremely hard to eradicate, and travel easily. Is this a legal basis for breaking my lease? --Andrew D. A: Bed bugs are indeed very difficult to control. Unless your landlord called a pest control company that's well versed in how to deal with them, you could indeed be facing a situation where the bugs are still in residence, and possibly ready to move next door (they travel easily through cracks in floors and through openings created for wires and pipes). If you were to find bed bugs in your unit, that would probably justify breaking your lease (assuming your landlord didn't try to argue that you introduced them independently), but you hardly want to wait for that event. T...