Lithium-ion battery wins over remodelers

More power, less weight improves tools' efficiency

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You've no doubt heard about lithium-ion batteries by now, and have probably heard some of the claims about what an improvement they are over past battery technologies. So what exactly is lithium-ion, and is it really any better? Ever since the first cordless tools were introduced and professionals and do-it-yourselfers alike applauded the convenience of no longer being tied to a power cord, manufacturers have been engaged in an ongoing search for batteries with more power and less weight. Lithium-ion, the latest generation of battery technology, offers just that -- and more. Batteries made from lithium ions offer a lot of energy compared to their weight, resulting in batteries that can provide considerable power while keeping the weight of the tool down. And since much of the weight of a cordless tool is in the battery itself, lighter lithium-ion batteries have also allowed manufacturers to create tools with better balance and greater comfort, so you can use them for much l...