Inspector wrong about ceiling stain

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Dear Barry, We bought our home one year ago. When we had our home inspection, we asked the inspector about a small water stain on the ceiling. He pointed some kind of sensor at it and said it was not an active leak. Recently, the ceiling stain became wet again, and that portion of the drywall fell down. It turned out that the water came from the old air conditioner in the attic. But according to the inspection report, the A/C was "new and in good working order." Do we have any recourse against the inspector? --Deanna Dear Deanna, Your home inspector apparently committed three errors. The first was to evaluate a ceiling stain on the basis of current wetness or dryness. The second was not conducting a follow-up investigation of attic and roof conditions directly above the stain. The third was to misidentify the age and condition of the air conditioner. When asked about the stain, reliance on a moisture detection device was inconclusive because stains caused by seasonal roof ...