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To be or not to be compliant

The Davison Files

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New search sites take the stage, raising the audible sounds in an opera of compliance and online home listings. The audience recoils from this baffling aria that shatters the glass of logic. The question of where a listing goes, how it appears, and who touches it reverberates through the hall without intermission. That is the question A seller hires an agent. The agent is given one charge: Sell the home. Sell it fast. Sell it clean. To accomplish this, the agent should go Ansel Adams on the home and push a gallery of pictures out to every gallery on the Web – even the funky ones that reek of body odor and weed. They too draw a crowd. The task is arduous. But that's not the seller's concern. It's what they pay five figures in commission to their agent to accomplish. If the agent had stuck to the playbill and focused solely on the charge to sell the home and to represent the sellers' wishes, the question of where listings end up would not be nearly so fraught.The mortal coil S...