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Week in the life between closings

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Friday: I make plans for a renter to come in. He is relocating from, dig this, Iceland. This to me is so exotic that I could just die, because I grew up in Arkansas, and Iceland to me is as far away and exotic as the moon. I have a client who's a moon man; I will be excited just to meet him. Saturday: Iceland guy -- let's call him Leif, since everybody gets to be anonymous in this column, and my stock of Nordic names is not large -- and I go to see an apartment. I bring my electronic measurer so I can tell him dimensions in meters, which I think is quite cross-cultural of me. Leif is shocked, but not too shocked, at how small the apartments are here. He is a little too early (we are looking at March inventory, and he would actually move in May) but the other broker is very nice about us pretty much wasting his time. Afterwards Leif and I go for a walk in the snow and he tells me about his country. This is the coolest job anyone could ever have. Sunday: A different rent...